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Filters - Pumps - Automation

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Equipment like filters and pumps help to automate the well being of your pool.  We provide a great selection of equipment as well as the ideal advise for you. 


Pool Filters

Filtering pool water is one of the most important parameters to ensure truly crystal clear waters. There are several types of filters that ensure the clarity of pool water by holding particles from 5 to 40 microns (microns). Depending on the filler filler material for particle retention the filters are divided into the following categories:

  • Sand filters: with quartz sand or sand sand filtration
  • OC1 filters: Filtration material OC1 special polyurethane plastic
  • Kartuzas filter: with a round pleated filter
  • Diatomic Earth Filter: Filtration material on the Diametric Earth

The choice is made taking into account the size of the pool, its use, and the desired effect for the clarity of the water.

LANSE will help you choose the right one for your swimming pool.


The pump is the heart of the pool and ensures the correct recirculation of its water within a specified time according to the specifications of the American and European standards.

Pumps are divided into 3 categories:

  • Classic pumps: ensure good results with a speed of operation
  • Multi-stage electronic pumps: enable adjustable speeds, reduce wear and energy bills.
  • Silent pumps: ensure low noise levels, ideal for engine rooms within homes, hotels.


Disinfection of pool water is the most important parameter for its healthy use. Consideration should be given to the use, whether private or public, and the average number of swimmers.

In LANSE, we are constantly studying all of the proposed water treatment methods and we are pleased to propose the best ecological solution for swimming without chemical disturbances.

Available disinfection systems are:

  • Sea salt
  • Copper silver ions
  • Magnesium salts
  • UV
  • Active oxygen

Smart I-pool automation

With modern technology, the operation of the pool is now "playful" without the need to regularly visit the pool engine room. Handling can be done from home or remotely by using a dedicated controller or special smartphone or tablet application via wifi or GSM.

Imagine that you are the only one who cares for the pool, you are on a trip and your family has planned to find friends with your house at night. Do you know what your pool is? Are the lights on? PH and disinfection are as they should? Have the machines stopped due to a recirculation cycle?

With remote control and operation you can activate the heating and set temperature, lighting control, operating time setting, cover function, decontamination system setup, and other important functions. LANSE may take remote surveillance for you.


We build swimming pools for owners with the best new technology and design.

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