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Covers and Safety

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Swimming pool covers and pool safety

At LANSE we provide our customers with all available options for swimming pool covers and safety options.  We will ensure the choice you make will be the right choice for you and your pool.  


About swimming pool covers

Protecting the pool during unused or winter hours, or eliminating heat loss and saving energy from evaporation as well as protecting children from possible falls are the 3 main reasons that will determine the choice of a pool cover.

The three main reasons that will determine a pool cover option are as follows:

  • For swimming pool hygiene
  • Preventing dirt, leaves and whatever else is in the surrounding area to enter it
  • Greatly reduce the energy consumed to maintain the temperature of the water

Another important factor in judging the supply of a cover is the security we want to provide our family with any accidents, whether it is filled with water or without it.

LANSE in this field are pioneering by applying reliable covers with specialized requirements.

net cover
Pool Cover Types
  Net Cover Soft Cover PVC - FOAM Hard Cover - PVC
Cleanliness and hygiene
Thermal insulation - energy saving
Protection and Safety

Pool covers showcase

Safety fences

An alternative safety option is to place a NET or Securit glass fence around the pool to protect the small children from the pool.

LANSE is also a pioneer in this field by implementing reliable CE enclosures and fittings with all CE specifications with specialized requirements. In any case, and according to instructions from International Security Organizations, children should not play around the pool without adult supervision.


We build swimming pools for owners with the best new technology and design.

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