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Lights - Rails - Test kits

Create a unique pool

Our selection of accessories will give your swimming pool a little bit of flair, personal touches, fun and safety. With great emphasis on the safe use of the pool we are able to supply you with a variety of pool accessories.

LED lighting

The evolution of LED technology now permits to implement and significantly improve the quality of the pool lighting. Provides energy savings of up to 85% over outdated common 100 or 300 watts lamp technology.

LANSE can quickly and cheaply replace common incandescent or halogen lamps with LED technology. LED lamps offer better diffuse brightness that will delight you, have a long life and a variety of colours.

INOX and other special constructions

Stainless staircases as well as special inox handles inside and outside the pool water provide security and ease of use while having excellent braze or salt water resistance.

Also, LANSE can offer you a variety of special designs and constructions in INOX such as water curtains, waterfalls, water cannons for hydromassage, etc.

We apply products of special applications of high design and durability such as glass pool windows, wooden deck for environments, transparent sliding pool cover, etc.

gen accessories
pool kit

Pool Accessories

There is a wide range of pool accessories that can be purchased by the owner in order to improve its function. Some of them are:
Manual brushes, abrasives, brushes, test kits PH, CL, Salinity, hardness, etc.


We build swimming pools for owners with the best new technology and design.

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